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Bottomline – a blind date with a cynical man totals true love

Laura Cortez, a single mom, works full-time and takes classes toward an accounting degree for a better income for her family. Tony Alvarado has spent his life, ever since his marriage, building his accounting firm because his ex-wife nagged him constantly about money. Will the holiday season help them forget the liabilities and balance out the miracle of love in adding together two lonely hearts?

ALFEBecause a love that transcends time is A LOVE FOR ETERNITY

Christina finds herself transported back to 1955 to that magical day she first meets Joe Morado. This time she vows to stay with the man of her dreams forever. No matter what…

From Krista, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance:  Love For Eternity is a delightful short read. It was very hard to put down. I just kept turning pages to see how it would end. This is a sweet fantasy romance.

Azalea, Long and Short Reviews: I just really enjoyed this love story. It played to my desire to re-do some things in my own life. It played to my love of romance…


Roses Bloom; Love Blossoms

Gloria Amaya wants her rose garden to flourish. Matt Cerda knows gardens as he has been working with plants, flowers and other green living things since he was a little boy. Can Gloria and Matt weed through all this baggage and allow their love to blossom?

From Krista, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
This is a beautiful story that is enjoyable for the wonderful things that happen. It is humorous as well…