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Got Music!

2015-12-29 Musical collageWhat is your fave type of music? Or do you have varied interests in music?

In NO ACCOUNTING FOR LOVE, on their blind date, Laura Cortez and Tony Alvarado engage in a rather stilted conversation about music. Laura thinks he only likes Texas radio; he believes she likes romantic Spanish music. When they realize they both have varied interests in music, neither likes the idea that they might have something in common – especially Tony.

Music has always held a special place in my heart. Growing up, my mom would burst into song as she washed the dishes. My dad would sing “You Are My Sunshine” to me and my sisters. We’d go to a funeral for a dearly departed relative. After hugging and crying and consoling the kinfolk, we’d adjourn to someone’s house to eat and drink and make merry with loud music. This didn’t mean we didn’t care for our deceased loved one because the next day we’d be in attendance again albeit some of our elders with aching feet, and bleary eyed with hangovers.

Several years ago one of the members, M. J. Fredrick, in my writing group, San Antonio Romance Authors, put up a playlist for one of her stories on her blog. What a great idea! Up to that time, I would always listen to music (or have wrestling on TV in the background – “Junkyard Dog” anyone?) while I wrote. However, I never thought of making a playlist. Now, I listen to songs as prospective playlist inclusion.

I worked with someone who couldn’t jump around from one music genre to another. It unnerved her. For me, it’s exhilarating. I’m listening to “Amigos del Mundo”, a parody of “Happy Christmas” by John Lennon. The instrumental part has me envisioning my characters dancing. Then, a couple of jazzy tunes come on. One makes me want to get up and dance; the other has a saxophone section which evokes a jazz hero for one of my stories. Next, the steel guitar strums loudly in my ear – then, is it a trombone? I see the open road in front of me and I’m riding a motorcycle – or maybe driving one? What if? A motorcycle hero is born. Can we slow things down? Has anyone heard Diana Krall? I found the saddest song – “Why Do I Care?” Time for the waterworks, as my son says. My thought? I found the song for the BIG BLACK MOMENT!

Then, there’s the piano. I took lessons for several years. I can look at any piece of music and at least attempt to play it for you. Playing the piano relaxes me. My son who is also musical sometimes wrinkles his brow at the songs I have him include on my CD playlists. Where in the world did you hear that song? “On the radio,” I tell him. That’s how I found “Send Me The Pillow You Sleep On”; Floyd Cramer plays it on the piano, no lyrics. Oh my…


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