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Are Remakes Okay?

Remember the commercial jingles? Burger King’s “have it your way”, MacDonald’s “two all-beef patties” and Enjoli perfume’s “I can bring home the bacon”? Today, it seems commercials use someone else’s song or are just plain silly and/or annoying. Books are parodied. Movies are remade. My son thought ‘The Man from U. N.C. L. E. movie was a new idea! Sometimes, though, a remake works very well. My brother-in-law loved the Beatles, so I never asked him if he liked this particular rendition of “Happy Christmas” first recorded by John Lennon. La Diferencia, a Tejano group prominent in the 1990’s, released this song in Spanish and named it “Amigos del Mundo” (Friends of the World). In NO ACCOUNTING FOR LOVE when Tony and Laura dance at his Christmas party, this is the song I hear, especially at the instrumental part. Check it out. Let me know what you think.


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