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Christmas Lights

2014-12-16 CardinalsAs far back as I can remember, my family has always celebrated Christmas by decorating a tree. I remember making paper chains in school and my mom would put them on the tree. Later on, my sons would create ornaments in school or catechism class and I would hang those on our tree. I would see trees in the department stores and they’d be decorated in one color – red, green, silver or gold – with huge ornaments and bows. Should I? No! Our tree was decked out with memories. For years, I followed the same tradition. After a very sad Christmas, I began decorating my tree with silver ornaments and clear lights. Slowly, I’ve added red bows and cardinals. Last year, I used multi-colored lights again. I’ve never decorated the outside of my house, though. In that respect, I’m like my heroine, Laura Cortez, in the Christmas story, NO ACCOUNTING FOR LOVE. I don’t know how to put up lights outside the house. I’ve never hired anyone to do it. Maybe this year I will.


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