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Living Christmas Tree

2015-12-01 Living Christmas tree

In my new Christmas story, NO ACCOUNTING FOR LOVE, Tony invites Laura to a Living Christmas tree. The excursion doesn’t turn out like he expected.

The first time I enjoyed a Living Christmas Tree…
I wasn’t sure what to expect when my sister told me the Methodist Church in our small town was going to host an event, a Living Christmas Tree. What in the world what she talking about? However, these were the ‘90’s – a wonderful decade we look back on now with fondness. We were ready for all kinds of adventures and pastimes.

There are probably many types of Living Christmas Trees out there, but the first one I attended was a structure shaped like a Christmas tree and the choir sat in tiers – at the very top was the Christmas star, then one person and on down the tiers increasing with people as it neared the bottom. I wouldn’t have liked being at the very top. I’m afraid of heights. The structure was decorated with pine branches, garland and lights. The choir sang traditional Christmas carols.


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