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Pizza and video games

PizzaIn the 80’s, I lived in Big Spring, a small West Texas town. We used to go eat lunch at Godfather’s Pizza. Anyone remember this place? I don’t remember how good the pizza was. What I do remember is my oldest son would ask for money for the arcade games they had in there even before we arrived. He’d be in the middle of his third game by the time the pizza was even ordered. Nowadays, pizza places feature a large area of games for kids to play with. Basketball games, driving games and countless others are also available. At one time, one place even had a carousel. I’ve never caught on to the craze. My sisters loved Ms. Pac-Man. There was one game I played with my youngest son, though. I think it was a game about school and bullies, but for some reason in the middle of the game, a word game came up. I loved playing it. I wonder why?


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