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Tamales are a cultural tradition in some families.

Pic-TortillaOne of my sisters loves tamales so much she’ll eat them like chips! However, none of us – four sisters – ever learned to make them. My youngest sister took a couple of lessons from my Tia J. It’s one of those things our moms used to do ALL the time – like rolling tortillas every day. For those of you who’ve never heard of tamales – they’re pockets made of corn meal filled with pork meat, beans, chicken – even pineapple – and wrapped in a corn husk, then steamed to perfection. Some families engage in tamaleadas– gatherings to make tamales and gossip, I mean converse. The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center http://www.guadalupeculturalarts.org/ used to showcase a play called “Las NuevasTamaleras”. The holidays, especially Christmas, is the time of year where tamales are the “in” thing. Stores sell them. People make them in their homes and market their wares at their jobs. Vendors buy tins and present them to their customers as gifts. Before the year is over, try some for yourself. Let me know how you liked them.


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