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My Dream was to be an Accountant

IMAG0954-2Oct 20, 2015

My hero, Tony Alvarado, in NO ACCOUNTING FOR LOVE is a certified public accountant (C.P.A.) who owns an accounting firm and makes a lot of money because he works endlessly with huge clients. Of course, he has no time for romance.

When I enrolled in college, my first major was Accounting. I took Bookkeeping in high school and loved working on the practice sets – setting up the books for a pretend company. In community college, I took an accounting course and it still seemed interesting although a bit more complicated than balancing assets and liabilities. However, when I transferred to a nearby university, I enrolled in Cost Accounting. Yeah. Bye Bye Accounting Major! This is not to say I don’t enjoy some aspects to this day – I keep my checkbook register on an Excel spreadsheet. I use them to list ‘Books I’ve Read’ for the current year. I also have a list of the stories I’ve written, where I’ve submitted them and the outcome.

My ultimate goal was, I suppose, to write a story about accounting, an accountant – or a checkbook register!


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